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The BossHoss

With their gripping country-rock crossover, The BossHoss have shaped the European music scene over the past decade and a half like hardly any other band. With their last five albums, the Berliners have each entered the Top 5 of the German longplay charts, including the double-platinum Top 4 album "Liberty Of Action" (2011), the platinum-enhanced Top 2 work "Flames Of Fame" (2013) and the two Top 1 albums "Dos Bros" (2015, triple gold) and "Black Is Beautiful" from 2018. Currently, The BossHoss can look back on millions of sold units, countless sold-out arena tours as well as appearances at the most important festivals such as the Wacken Open Air, the British Download Festival or in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Grey Daze

Amends is the genesis of one of modern rock's most recognizable voices and, at the same time, a moment when friends come full circle. The album is the fulfillment of a planned Grey Daze reunion that Chester had announced before his untimely death, and was the last project Chester worked on.

The remaining band members - Dowdell (drums), Mace Beyers (bass), and Davis (guitar) - along with Talinda Bennington (Chester's widow) and his parents, made it their mission to complete the project with the assistance of Tom Whalley, founder of Loma Vista Recordings and former chairman of Warner Bros. Records during Linkin Park's time with the label.

Mit Cris Hodges als Frontmann erweckt die Band „Grey Daze Live“ zum Leben und kündigt ihre ersten Live-Shows für 2023 an.

Sick Of
It all

New York hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL aren't slowing down with age, the veteran quartet is still pissed off, and the old hands of the genre still have many years ahead of them. SICK OF IT ALL remain a beacon of continuity, integrity and determination. This is good news for SICK OF IT ALL fans and the hardcore scene. Since their formation in 1986, SICK OF IT ALL have traveled the world many times, played in front of hundreds of thousands of people, and released eleven acclaimed albums, the latest of which, the riotous and anthemic Wake the Sleeping Dragon!

Stick to your guns

Since their formation 14 years ago, Stick To Your Guns have been considered one of the most diverse modern hardcore bands, packing personal and political issues into furious mosh breakdowns, powerful choruses and non-stop singalongs. While their last release, the 2016 EP "Better AshThan Dust", was more of a social commentary, the quintet around singer and shouter Jesse Barnett turns their gaze inward again on their new album "True View", which was released on October 13, 2017 via End Hits Records.

The subways

The Subways, who have already been around for 20 years and have written at least one classic for eternity with "Rock & Roll Queen". Guitarist Billy Lunn and singer and bassist Charlotte Cooper are unimaginable without a stage. The two are, of course, supported by their new drummer, Camille Phillips. Even after more than a decade and a half, they are still the dream team of British punk rock'n'roll. At the latest, when The Subways play their concerts, their old motto applies: "We will rock till we drop, as there is nothing more exciting for us than being on tour. The greatest drug in the world is seeing people screaming the words and dancing to the songs you've written."


The Berlin band Knorkator is a dazzling and extraordinary musical formation that manages to combine aggressive hardcore metal with subtle and classical sound with ease and playfulness. The concerts are legendary, bizarre alternating baths of colorfully mixed styles, on the one hand light-footed dance between rude swearing and tender poetry, pathetic megalomania and infantile nonsense on the other.

Comeback Kid

"Outsider," the latest LP from the longtime hardcore band, shows that in abundance. Capturing all the intensity of the band's rowdy live shows, it's as forceful and unrelenting as anything they've done in the past. And while many of their peers consider sonic evolution the enemy of their scene, COMEBACK KID have built their career on progression and evolution, continually expanding their now signature sound without compromising its integrity. After six LPs, an EP, two live albums and countless shows over the course of more than 15 years, COMEBACK KID still pride themselves on pushing sonic boundaries and taking their riotous live show beyond new frontiers.

Jaya The Cat

Roots reggae, ska, punk rock: the three main ingredients of the cocktail that Jaya The Cat mix together on their new album "A Good Day For The Damned," which will be released on November 17, usually conjure up images of sunny beaches, the cool looseness of California or at least the sultry haze of Florida. All the more surprising that the band around mastermind and frontman Geoff Lagadec and drummer David Germain has its origins in the climatically rather mild Boston. That Jaya The Cat, on the other hand, chose the European metropolis of Amsterdam as their new headquarters in 2003 and have brought their creamy sound mix to the party people from there on four albums so far, fits together as well as piña colada and Caribbean sun.

Deez nuts

„You Got Me Fucked Up“ ist das Album, das DEEZ NUTS schreiben mussten. JJ Peters (Gesang) erklärt: „Es ist der frische Wind, den wir und unsere Fans so sehr vermisst haben. Das, was am meisten an unserem Songwriting, unserer Performance und der Stimmung auf diesem Album heraussticht: Wir haben endlich unseren Partysound zurück, aber nicht im Sinne von zu Tode geprügelten ‚Party‘-Lyrics. Diese Songs schreien einfach nach Spaß.

DEEZ NUTS deliberately picked different locations to write and record the album, despite sticking with Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid, Sights & Sounds) as co-producer. “This time we wrote in Toronto rather than New York City and recorded in Los Angeles rather than Boston like we did on the last two albums. The difference the surroundings brought to the album are very much felt throughout its ten bangers.”

Dog Eat Dog

The crossover band from New Jersey, founded in the early 90s, convinced from the beginning with their combination of elements of hardcore punk, heavy metal and hip-hop. After releasing their first studio album „All Boro Kings“ in 1994, Dog Eat Dog toured Europe together with Biohazard. With „No Fronts“ the band also landed their first single hit. The following album „Play Games“ in 1996 featured such illustrious guests as Ronnie James Dio and RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. In 1999 the band celebrated their third successive success in the international charts with „Amped“. After „Walk With Me“ (2006) Dog Eat Dog started touring the world continuously.

Now, after more than 10 years, the pioneers of crossover are back with new, highly anticipated material. The 4 tracks on „BRAND NEW BREED“ show the catchy qualities of the band again and convince with modern beats and sounds without forgetting the old trademarks. The songs were only available as EPs at concerts of the band in 2017/18 and are now available for the first time with additional material. As a bonus there are the hits „Rocky“ and „Isms“ as well as two EP tracks in live and unplugged versions.
With a lot of positive energy the songs convince with groove, melody and catchy hooks. You can feel the freshness, which the band knows how to transmit live to the fans, no matter if hardcore, rock, reggae… Whatever Dog Eat Dog touches, it becomes a groovemonster!

Mario Barth

Get ready to rock your world with Mario Barth & About Kings, the electrifying hard rock sensation straight out of Las Vegas, Nevada! These five exceptionally talented musicians are on a mission to create music that shakes the very foundation of your soul and leaves you begging for more.

Drawing inspiration from cl legends like Brantley Gilbert, AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses, Mario Barth & About Kings infuse their music with a unique and modern twist that sets them apart from the rest. Brace yourself for catchy guitar riffs that will have you air-guitaring in no time, thunderous drumbeats that'll make your heart pound, and powerful vocals that will leave you breathless.

AndreA Chiarini

Andrea Chiarini is a classical guitarist born on November 28, 1987 in Fermo. His passion for music and the guitar began at the age of 5 thanks to a classical guitar that he already had at home, perhaps belonging to his grandfather. His mother noticed a complicity with the instrument and took him to attend his first guitar lessons at the age of 7. At the age of 12 he entered the conservatory followed by the best teachers. he was hosted and participated in international guitar festivals in Mexico and Italy and graduated at the age of 22. They were very intense years of study and hard work that lead Andrea shortly after the diploma to abandon the instrument for several years. In this period he experimented with different genres. He got married in Las Vegas on November 6, 2019 and moved to Los Angeles with his wife for a few years. During the lockdown of the first wave of Covid19 he resumed the study of classical guitar. In 2022 he won the Gold Award of the classical as best interpretation of the song "Sonata 21" by N.Paganini and the 1st prize at the Europe Music competition as Virtuoso performer. The same year, his wife urges him to use Instagram and TikTok to share his classic performances and his contents immediately go viral, reaching millions of views.
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