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Fans of body art can look forward to the "Wildcat Tattoo Cruise", the world-famous tattoo artist Randy Engelhard, known from "Pain & Fame" and "Cover up - we save your tattoo". Even after 25 years of tattooing, Engelhard still enjoys the needle and has very high quality standards for himself and his work. "Tattoos are forever. They have to be good! In this respect, my body art is comparable to a trip with the Mein Schiff fleet. These feel-good experiences are also for eternity."


Remis has been tattooing for more than 20 years, recognized as a top-level artist by tattoo industry leaders such as Cheyenne Tattoo, Intenze Tattoo Ink, Dermalize PRO and Aftercare H2ocean. During this period, he has accumulated dozens of awards at international tattoo conventions held in various countries of the world such as Brazil, Great Britain, Australia, the USA and many other countries. He conducts tattooing seminars that help the younger generation get to know and learn the art of tattooing.

The artist does not limit himself to fantasy for tattoo projects, for the majority of portrait tattoos, Remis uses a digital camera and computer graphics medium, which allows him to create accurate, contrasting and purposeful photography for the highest level of tattooing. The camera does not leave the artist even in his free time.

Remis mostly likes to photograph real life in cities, exotic cultures and alternative lifestyles. He has repeatedly presented this type of work at open exhibitions in Lithuania, Ireland and at a virtual exhibition in Greece. After returning to Lithuania in 2018, the artist set up his second tattoo studio, which not only fulfills the purpose of a regular tattoo studio, but also curates exhibitions for young artists, gives the opportunity to exhibit his works for free and creates his first exhibition opening celebration.

During the cold season, to brighten gloomy evenings, the artist often uses acrylic, oil and canvas, and plans to organize his personal painting exhibition soon.

Dave Paulo

Dave Paulo, based in Portugal was an architect for 12 years. Started tattooing for fun in 2012 and became a professional tattoo artist in 2013. Only in a few years he gained recognition in the industry with his unique style. He is the mastermind behind the pop art in tattooing. He calls it, realistic pop art.

Born on May 13, 1976, in Philadelphia, the son of Portuguese Parents lived many years in the States until he moved at the age of eight years back to Portugal.

At home in Portugal, he has his own small private studio, where he tattoos in peace in his short time.

Moni Scharnagl

Moni Scharnagl offers tattoos that resemble pictures from the natural history book. She specializes in floral and botanical illustrations with everything the world of plants has to offer. The 32-year-old places special emphasis on the small details that make each tattoo an individual piece of jewelry. "I love to adapt the forms of nature to the body and place special emphasis on body awareness," says the tattoo artist. "I want people to feel comfortable." On the high seas, during the Wildcat Tattoo Cruise, you can book appointments with her.

Torsten & Kaetlin Malm

Torsten Malm is a world-class tattoo artist known for his exceptional skills and expertise in realistic tattoos. With a passion for art that transcends boundaries, Torsten has mastered the craft of transforming the human canvas into breathtaking works of art. His attention to detail, use of vibrant colors, and ability to capture the essence of his subjects have earned him international recognition. Torsten's innovative approach and dedication to his clients have made him a sought-after artist, attracting individuals from all corners of the globe. With each tattoo, Torsten strives to create a unique and meaningful experience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Body Art.

Kätlin Malm is an exceptional tattoo artist renowned for her artistic prowess and expertise in Body Art. With a boundless passion for creativity, Kätlin has mastered the art of turning skin into living canvases that captivate the eye and stir the soul. Her meticulous attention to detail, masterful use of colors, and ability to bring imagination to life make her a true visionary. Kätlin's dedication to her craft and genuine connection with her clients have established her as a highly sought-after artist. With each tattoo, Kätlin strives to create a unique and personal masterpiece that leaves people breathless.

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Torsten Malm

Tallinn, Estonia

kätlin Malm

Tallinn, Estonia

Benjamin Laukis

Athens, Greece

zwickau, Germany

Natalie Nox

athens, greece

boris lazlo

Vienna, Austria

Moni Scharnagl

Bavaria, Germany

Remis Cizauskas

Kaunas, Dublin

Derek Turcotte

Canmore, Canada

Dave Paulo

Coimbra, Portugal

Bob Tyrrell

Detroit, USA

Alina Benson

Reken, Germany

Ágnes Héring

Bielefeld, germany

beni van de rutter

Klagenfurt, austria

daniel schnell

wuppertal, Germany

Guido schmitz

kassel, germany

inkku escobar

KUOPIO, finland

tero heinonen

Harjavalta, Finland

Ivy vanhoek

nuremberg, germany

Kid laser

Hamburg, Germany

Miguel Ameliach

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Adrian Cier

Vancouver, Canada


Zwickau, Germany

Bianca Sennhenn

Hohenmölsen, Germany

Thomas Kellinger

Linz, Austria

Serhii Lykov

Zwickau, Germany

Maggie Paletta

Troisdorf, Germany

Nina Bukowski

Cologne ,Germany

Mexx Letters

Barcelona, Spain

Vivian Stegen

Hagen, Germany

Maruis MVM

Turin, Italia

Lory Ven Gates

Nuremberg, Germany

Selim Uzunöner

Izmir, Türkiye

Jango Bruce

Turin, Italia

Steffi Boecker

Berlin, Germany

Ted Bartnik

Kamen, Germany

Kim (Reinstich)

Nuremberg, Germany

Larry Rosales

Hamburg, Germany


Cardiff, UK


Hamburg, Germany

Savas Cavus

Gütersloh, Germany

Victoria Wolter

Kirchseeon, Germany

Conny Hedrich

Freiberg, Germany

Tobias Wirth

Epfenbach, Germany

Daniela Dudalski

Hamburg, Germany

Derek Entenmann

Salzburg, Austria

Jani PiiPPu

Järvenpää, Finnland

Jay Marie
Jean Philip Maurice

Hamburg, Germany

Moriel Seror

Munich, Germany

Tommi Tervo

Helsinki, Finland

William Kattge

Verden, Germany


unna, Germany


Mainhardt, Germany

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